Regions of Nigeria


     On this website, you will learn all about the three regions of Nigeria.  This includes their physical environments, ethnic groups, culture, and economy.  Much of Nigeria used to be a rainforest, but they were chopped down to sell and live.  The regions are divided by the Niger River, because it creates a natural barrier.  The largest ethnic groups are Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, and Igbo.  People live in all types of homes.  They are made from various materials such as mud bricks and flat or slanted roofs, usually tin.  The Hausa and Fulani ethnic groups are know for their many types of tension drums.  The Yoruba are known for their colorful cloth and beads.  Last but not least, the Igbo (pronounced; [ee-bo]) are known for their masked dancing at ceremonies.  There are very many popular professions in Nigeria.  These include farming, herding, trading, working in factories and offices, teaching, engineering, oil drilling, doctoring, and many more.  Most of Nigeria's wealth comes from exporting oil to other countries.  Selling items in markets is also a popular job, especially for women.
     This is just a small, basic outline of Nigeria.  Visit the different pages to find out more information about each particular region.  We hope this helps you!